Recently, I have focused on developing research methods and tools to support the analysis of online social data. We have applied these in a number of research projects (see below) but also in collaborations with news media organisations:

Together with Rob Procter from Warwick University and others, I have studied the use of social media during events such as the Riots in England in August 2011 the 2012 London Olympics and 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Together with Wirefree Productions and Warwick, I am involved in the creation of the 5 live Hit List, a unique social media chart show that runs down a top-40 chart of topics that have generated reactions online. The show is on BBC 5Live most Sundays from 19:30 to 22:00.

PhD Supervision

My PhD students at the moment are Percy Perez Dante Aruni and Ilia Lvov. If you are interested to conduct research for a PhD under my supervision in an area that matches my research interests (see above) then please contact me with a short abstract describing the work you have in mind. Please also send an up-to-date CV and information about any possible funding sources you may have identified already.

Past projects

  • ECAS - Everyday Causal Argumentations - with Göttingen University (principlal investigator)
  • Social Media and Prediction: Crime Sensing, Data Integration and Statistical Modelling. ESRC/NCRM; April 2013-September 2014
  • Hate’ Speech and Social Media: Understanding Users, Networks and Information Flows. ESRC/Google; April 2013-March 2014
  • COSMOS - project to develop a social media analysis workbench - with Warwick and Cardiff Universities
  • Developing Sustainability Pathways for Social Simulation Tools and Services
  • ELVIRA (co-I)
  • EUAsiaGrid (local principal investigator at Manchester)
  • Enabling Uptake of e-Infrastructure Services Project (project manager)
  • e-Infrastructure Use Cases and Service Usage Models (co-investigator)
  • Use and Relevance of Web 2.0 for researchers
  • e-Science Institute Theme on Adoption of e-Research Technologies